Women’s double book tickets to A final

Women’s double book tickets to A final

Sunday July 25, 2021 – Tokyo, Japan

Canada will race for a medal in the women’s double competition following a strong performance in the A/B semifinals by Jessica Sevick (University of British Columbia/Calgary Rowing Club) and Gabrielle Smith (Club d’Aviron Knowlton).

The Canadian crew challenged the 2019 World Championship bronze medallist Dutch double of Roos de Jong and Lisa Scheenaard for the lead all the way down the course. Sevick and Smith crossed the finish line in second place (7:09.44), 1.35 seconds behind the Dutch, to qualify for the A final.

“[The heat] was our first international race together and my first senior international regatta, so I think it got to me a little bit,” said Sevick. “[For the semifinal] I tried to limit the external distractions, because obviously, the Olympics, it’s a lot … I kind of just tried to stay internal and stick to Gabby and I’s interactions and then also just stay loose, stay chill.”

“I think we can build on what we just did and carry on that relaxation and looseness,” Smith said of what they will take with them into the A final. “And I think we can also take some confidence from that and have just a little bit more of a build towards the line and a little bit more speed through the middle to just sort of get out in front and row relaxed.”

The lightweight men’s double repechages featured a photo finish, with Canada’s Patrick Keane (Victoria City Rowing Club/University of Victoria) and Maxwell Lattimer (University of British Columbia) coming in second (6:36.79) mere milliseconds ahead of Uruguay and Portugal. They will progress to the A/B semifinals.

“I could sense that there was a lot of excitement and chaos kind of going around, and I was just trying to stay long and stay loose,” said Lattimer of the tight finish. “Of course, the last 10 strokes was just like, a madhouse. We definitely could have executed the last 250 metres a lot better, but I’m happy with our start today.”

Both of Canada’s single scullers had success in the quarterfinals and will compete in the A/B semifinals. Carling Zeeman (Sudbury Rowing Club) was in a third place position for much of her race, making a push in the last 500 metres to overtake Great Britain’s Victoria Thornley and claim second (7:57.59).

“The biggest battle out there is doing a close to max effort 2k race, like seven and a half minutes, in 30 degree heat, it’s a grind for sure,” said Zeeman. The temperature in Tokyo surpassed 30 degrees on Sunday, adding a challenging factor to the event. “For me it’s definitely important to not let [the heat] get to my head.”

Trevor Jones (Peterborough Rowing Club) had a similar showing, pulling into second place late in his race, surpassing Russian Olympic Committee’s Alexander Vyazovkin to finish with a time of 7:17.65.

Canada’s men’s and women’s fours will round out their time in Tokyo in the B finals after gutsy performances in the repechages. Both crews finished fourth, the women’s four with a time of 6:51.71 and the men’s four with a time of 6:15.86.

“It definitely hurts, and I’m still processing it all,” said Kristina Walker (Kingston Rowing Club/University of British Columbia) of the women’s four. “Everyone here wants to be racing for a medal. We will need to compartmentalize this and move on to the B final.”

Due to anticipated adverse weather, no racing will take place on Monday July 26 or Tuesday July 26. Racing will resume on Wednesday July 26 Japan Standard Time (Tuesday July 25 Pacific Time/Eastern Time). An up to date schedule can be found here.

Team Canada Results and Progressions

Men’s Single – Trevor Jones
1st in Heat > 2nd in Quarterfinal > A/B Semifinal

Women’s Single – Carling Zeeman
2nd in Heat > 2nd in Quarterfinal > A/B Semifinal

Women’s Double – Jessica Sevick & Gabrielle Smith
2nd in Heat > 2nd in A/B Semifinal > A Final

Women’s Pair – Caileigh Filmer & Hillary Janssens
1st in Heat > A/B Semifinal

Men’s Pair – Kai Langerfeld & Conlin McCabe
3rd in Heat > A/B Semifinal

Lightweight Women’s Double – Jennifer Casson & Jill Moffatt
2nd in Heat > A/B Semifinal

Lightweight Men’s Double – Patrick Keane & Maxwell Lattimer
3rd in Heat > 2nd in Repechage > A/B Semifinal

Women’s Four – Stephanie Grauer, Nicole Hare, Jennifer Martins & Kristina Walker
3rd in Heat > 4th in Repechage > B Final

Men’s Four – Jakub Buczek, Will Crothers, Luke Gadsdon & Gavin Stone
5th in Heat > 4th in Repechage > B Final

Women’s Eight – Susanne Grainger, Kasia Gruchalla-Wesierski, Kristen Kit, Madison Mailey, Sydney Payne, Andrea Proske, Lisa Roman, Christine Roper & Avalon Wasteneys
2nd in Heat > Repechage  

More information on the Tokyo 2020 regatta and the 10 Canadian crews competing can be found here.

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