Host An Event

Host An Event

Canada is home to over 100 sanctioned rowing events a year that offer a variety of experiences for a wide-range of development stages.

Member organizations of Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) are required to sanction all events as defined in the RCA Event Sanction Policy. Canadians participating in these events must have an active RCA # (validated through the payment of annual RCA and PRA registration fees).

The RCA annual participant fee is $26.25. A $3.85 seat fee is charged to the participant for each event entered at a regatta. To learn more about membership and participant fees, visit the member section of our website.

The first step in preparing to host your event is the completion and submission of the RCA online event sanction application. Once sanction is granted, indoor and on-water rowing events can set up their event in RegattaCentral. It is recommended that regatta organizers start this process early to provide enough time for review of sanction applications and set up on RegattaCentral.

Check out the resource section for more information and guides to help you host a great event. If this is your first time hosting an event, contact us now so we can assist you during this exciting time!

Details on Event Sanction and how to apply are found in the Event Sanction Policy

View Policy

All regattas are required to submit a request for sanction through the online portal:

Access Portal
  1. Login to your account- My Account Page
  2. Select “Propose an Event (select the type of event: Regatta, Indoor Event, Tour or Come Try)
  3. Complete the form and click Save (if you want to return and make changes) or Submit (if you are satisfied with the form). Saved or submitted forms are located under My Account / Proposed Events.
  4. You will receive a notification of your application status from your Provincial Rowing Association. Please connect with your PRA for their processing and review timelines.


All Canadian sanctioned events are to be hosted on RegattaCentral.

RegattaCentral Update

Event Hosting Update

  1. Account Set-up. Regatta Organizers will need to provide a RegattaCentral account plus contact name and email for the person who will act as the RegattaCentral administrator for the event. This information will be entered in the sanction form and will automatically be sent to RegattaCentral upon approval by the Sanction Officer. Click HERE to set up an account with RegattaCentral.
  2. Creating your event on the RegattaCentral Platform. A number of webinars have been hosted and guides created to help support event setup and platform troubleshooting.
    Webinar Training

  3. Electronic fund transfer. All fund transfers are now completed through electronic fund transfer. Please see the guide on how to submit your bank account information securely. We recommend completing this step when you are creating your event on the platform.
  4. Certifying the Event. Once the event has been hosted, you have up to 21 calendar days to ensure that all late entries have been submitted and that the seat count is correct. You can then “certify” your event. By certifying your event, it is now closed and cannot be re-opened. Certifying the event notifies RegattaCentral to transfer funds to RCA, the PRA (if applicable) and the remainder of funds to the Regatta host, minus and credit card fees. Automatic certification will occur after the 21 calendar days.

Visit RegattaCentral for FAQs and instructions developed to support the Legacy Platform.
Event organizers should continue to connect with RegattaCentral for assistance to set up their event.

If you require RegattaCentral support please email and