Rowing Canada Aviron is committed to coaching excellence – whether you are coaching new rowers or a team competing for Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Through Coach Education and Development, RCA provides the right knowledge, skill development, support, and professional development opportunities to help every coach and their rowers strive for excellence.

4 Steps to Get Started on Your Coaching Pathway

  1. Create an account and register in the role of coach with your club RCA Web Registration System
  2. Register with the Coaching Association of Canada The Locker
  3. Complete the Every Coach Certified requirements Every Coach Certified
  4. Begin your NCCP coaching pathway Training and Education


Our goal is to ensure that all members and registered participants of RCA have the knowledge and resources required to access a fun, healthy, inclusive and safe environment.


National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

The Coaching Association of Canada’s flagship program is the National Coaching Certification Program delivered by the Coaching Associaton of Canada with rowing specific workshops delivered by RCA and the Provincial Rowing Associations.

The National Coaching Certification Program workshops are a vital component to becoming the best coach you possibly can be. Whether you are coaching a community team or coaching a national team, an NCCP workshop will be beneficial for you. Workshops can be completed in a single evening or online for your convenience. The NCCP makes it easy to get started and stay motivated on the path towards coaching skills development.


NCCP Make Ethical Decisions

The NCCP offers coaches the opportunity for training and evaluation in ethical decision-making through the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training, and Online Evaluation. By successfully completing the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training, coaches will be fully equipped to handle ethical situations with confidence and surety. The training helps coaches identify the legal, ethical, and moral implications of difficult situations that present themselves in the world of team and individual sport.

This module is a cornerstone of the NCCP, and leaves coaches with no doubt as to what to do when the going gets tough. Register for the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions training through your local Provincial/Territorial Coaching Representatives

Once a coach has completed their training, they can test their decision-making skills by completing the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions Online Evaluation. Successful completion of the evaluation is necessary for coach certification in any NCCP program.

More information on the NCCP Make Ethical Decisions program.

RCA Coach Education Database


The Coach Education Database is RCA’s Coach Project Management Database accessible for all RCA member coaches and Coach Developers who are registered in NCCP Coach Workshops. This database hosts RCA Coach Education resources and your own personal project site for your coaching portfolio documents.   

What Should I Put In My Portfolio?

Your personal project site will store all of your NCCP required documents and your professional development files and communications linked to your coaching career. With no obligation or cost to you, this portfolio is available to you to upload and store 1) Videos / photos / audio files of practices, competitions, athlete progress, professional development documents etc.; 2) Relevant documents such as a scan of your Pleasure Craft Operator Card, Emergency Action Plans, Annual Training Plans, Assignments and Evaluation documents. 

Who Has Access To My Portfolio?

RCA and Provincial Coach Developers and Mentors will be invited to your project site to support and collaborate with you in your coaching pathway including evaluation, certification and professional development resources. Your portfolio can continue to grow over time to demonstrate your progress and growth as a coach.  

Who Do I Ask If I Have Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Coach Developers

NCCP Coach Developers are directly responsible for the development of coaches and need to be experts in learning as well as experts in coaching. They include: Learning Facilitators (LFs lead the coach workshops), Coach Evaluators (CEs complete sport-specific evaluations required for certification) and Master Coach Developers (MCDs train and certify Learning Facilitators and Coach Evaluators). If you are interested in becoming a Coach Developer, please contact

Women in Coaching

RCA is committed to supporting the development and mentorship of female coaches.   

Canadian Association for the Advancement of Women in Sport and Physical Activity (CAAWS) is an informative organization detailing opportunities, grants and resources to assist in your development as a coach.  

CAAWS Mentorship Resources Canada Summer Games Apprenticeship Program World Rowing Women in Coaching Resources Women in Coaching Toolkit

Responsible Coaching Movement

 As a Champion of the  Responsible Coaching Movement,  RCA is  committed to creating an engaging environment with the consistent safe standards that  support our coaches  and ensure  rowers have the opportunity to develop and reach their dreams whether they row for Canada or row for life!   

Ethics training through Respect in Sport is now available  here  for PRAs and clubs. The cost is $30 and coaches receive three NCCP Professional Development points.  If your club would like to pay for your  coach registration, please contact Kylee Evans-O’Reilly at Respect in Sport. 

For information regarding RCA’s commitment to the Responsible Coaching Movement, please click  here.  

Maintenance of Certification


The Coaching Association of Canada and Rowing Canada Aviron recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in Professional Development programs which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community. 

In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities that coaches already participate in, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases coaches are already earning their required PD points — Maintenance of Certification Status is simply the introduction of tracking these points and recognizing coaches for their efforts. 

To find out more information on RCA’s Professional Development Opportunities and Maintenance of Certification please  click here. 

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