RCA holds an Annual Meeting in September and a Semi-Annual Meeting in January of each year.   

January 31, 2021

8:00am PST / 9:00am MST / 10:00am CST / 11:00am EST / 12:00pm ATL / 12:30pm NL
NOTICE is hereby given to all members of Rowing Canada Aviron that the RCA Semi-Annual Meeting will be held at 08:00h PST on January 31, 2021 via Zoom Conference Link

  1. Call to order
  2. Establishment of a quorum
  3. Identification of the scrutineer
  4. Adoption of minutes of previous Annual Meeting: September 24, 2020 (download here)
  5. Adoption of minutes of previous Semi-Annual meeting: January 26, 2020 (download here)
  6. Presentation of reports: Annual Report (download here)
  7. Report from the Committee on Dues and Fees (download here)
  8. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws (none)
  9. Proposals from members (none received – 90 days notice is required)
  10. Other business

Proxy Voting forms are available for this virtual meeting. Please click here for further information.


The 2021 Semi-Annual Meeting is a virtual Zoom meeting that any member or RCA registered participant can attend. Please click here to register.

We note that designated representatives for each member club or association will receive additional information regarding registration and online voting procedures for the Semi-Annual Meeting.

Please contact us if you have any questions about these procedures:

  1. Supplementary information on RCA Dues and Fees: Webinar packagewebinar recordingwebinar slides.

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Coach Education and Development Committee

  • Volker Nolte 
  • Howard Campbell 
  • Jill Würflinger 
  • Colleen Miller

Terms of Reference:  Coach Education & Development Committee


Safety And Events Committee

  • Mike Bagshawe (Chair) 
  • Matteo Cendamo  
  • Lynda Dundas  
  • Tim Henderson 
  • Andrew Smith 

Terms of Reference:  Safety and Events Committee 


Umpires Committee

  • Judy Sutcliffe (Chair) 
  • Debbie Sage 
  • Donna Bliss 
  • Julie-Ann Vincent 
  • Errol Bosman 
  • Sophie Desaulniers

Terms of Reference:  Umpires Committee

Nominating Committee:  Terms of Reference


Committee on Dues and Fees

Terms of Reference:  Committee on Dues and Fees