RCA Update: Coronavirus – Member Update

RCA Update: Coronavirus – Member Update

Webinar Follow-Up: Managing Your Organization in the COVID-19 Environment

The webinar delivered on April 7, 2020, can be viewed online here.
RCA is continuing to compile resources outlined during the webinar and develop templates for the membership. Please visit our COVID-19 page for more resources as they become available. 
Federal and Provincial Economic Relief Programs
How to Host an Online Meeting (including AGMs)
Support and Tools for Hosting Online Meetings
Changes to Canada Summer Jobs Program
Waiver Template – Online Programming Added
Assumption of Risk Template – Online Programming Added
Sample Disclaimer for Non-Supervised Online Programming:
(to be presented at the beginning of a video/online presentation)
The information and content provided by _______ in this video, including examples, images, reference and suggestions are provided for general informational purposes only. All information shared is provided in good faith, however we make no representation, warranty, guarantees or endorsements of any kind, expressed or implied, relating to the video, the content of the video, or the activities described. This information and video recording is accepted on the condition that it will not be the basis of any claim, demand or cause for action.  Any reliance you place on the list of activities and links provided is therefore strictly at your own risk and is your responsibility to perform due diligence before acting upon any of the information provided. Always exercise caution when performing any physical activity without proper safety equipment or direct supervision from a certified coach.

Every Coach Certified – Vulnerable Sector Screen

The ‘Every Coach Certified Initiative’ remains as one of RCA’s top Safe Sport priorities. Coaches must complete a series of e-modules by March 31, 2021, and all coaches must have completed a Criminal Record Check (CRC) by March 31, 2020. RCA recommends an EPIC for an efficient online screening option through Sterling Backcheck. A full description of all RCA Every Coach Certified requirements are found here.
As a result of the impact of COVID-19, RCA is not requiring that individuals complete a Vulnerable Sector Screen (VSS) through until March 31, 2021, as this requires individuals to travel to local police stations and many stations have suspended in-person CRC and VSS procedures during this time. Please be advised that a VSS may become a requirement in the future. (Note that only individuals born BEFORE 1986 may require a VSS. A local police information check (CRC) or an Enhanced Police Information Check (EPIC) through Sterling will be sufficient for anyone born AFTER 1986.)  
Completion of a CRC is still required. Sterling Backcheck remains to be RCA’s recommended choice for screening.  
For more information or questions related to ‘Every Coach Certified’, contact Colleen Miller.

RCA Risk Assessment to Club Continuity and Recovery (under conditions of COVID-19)

RCA continues to focus on supporting membership in these difficult times. One of the important ways that we can effectively navigate the issues we will face is to give proper consideration to the foreseeable risks. RCA has created a tool for Risk Assessment to Club Continuity and Recovery. The purpose of this tool is to support RCA member organizations to consider the risks to their ongoing operations and recovery given the extraordinary conditions created by the COVID-19 pandemic. The tool focuses on the areas that club leadership should be considering as they seek to maintain the integrity of their club both operationally and as a business, and what choices they should be considering in determining how best to navigate the specific risks to their current situation and in service of ongoing organizational sustainability. This tool touches on the specific health and safety practices associated with managing COVID-19.
This tool is best completed as part of club board (or club leadership team) discussions about the likely impact of COVID-19 on business and operational continuity. RCA is not asking clubs to submit this information. We are happy to provide support to aid in its completion. Please contact RCA’s CEO at tdillon@rowingcanada.org for additional support.

Virtual Events

Many of our member organizations are considering hosting virtual events in lieu of their regattas that have been cancelled or postponed. Virtual events do not meet RCA’s definition of a regatta and thus typical regatta protocols, such as application for sanction, posting to RegattaCentral, and collection of seat fees do not apply.
RegattaCentral has added a “virtual” race category and has chosen to waive registration fees.* More information is found here.

High Performance

RCA issued an update last week on the further impact of international regatta cancellations on the programming for RCA NextGen teams. We continue to work closely with RCA Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Wilkinson to support our athletes and support staff during this challenging time.


RCA has launched a series of webinars and engagement initiatives to keep you informed and connected with the entire Canadian rowing community. Check out all the details here under the tab ‘This Week with RCA’.
“Stay at home and stay safe.”

*This offer ended in summer of 2020. Please contact RegattaCentral for more information.

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