RCA and Provincial Rowing Associations Chart a Course for the Future of Rowing in Canada

RCA and Provincial Rowing Associations Chart a Course for the Future of Rowing in Canada

In the wake of the National Conference and Semi-Annual Meeting of Rowing Canada’s Membership, the Rowing Canada (RCA) Board of Directors, Provincial Presidents, Provincial Staff, and RCA Staff spent the day together. The primary focus was on better aligning activities and resources to navigate the challenges of doing more with limited funding. The meeting aimed to identify areas where efficiency and effectiveness could be enhanced by reducing duplication and aligning efforts to better serve the Membership.

Conducted as a workshop, the event fostered small group and plenary dialogues, engaging participants in a comprehensive exploration of the current state of rowing in Canada. A thorough assessment was made, highlighting strengths and weaknesses within the system, identifying opportunities, and acknowledging the most critical threats faced by the sport.

The group began the process of mapping out a collective future for rowing in Canada, and then went into a deeper dive for a select number of priorities to address collectively. These priorities included the rebuilding of trust across the Membership; expanding our capacity by supporting volunteers and key individuals; fostering inclusivity and growth of participation in rowing; ensuring sustainable funding, and diversifying revenue streams for our sport.

The discussions were characterized by their robust, heartfelt, positive, and productive nature, emphasizing the commitment of all participants to the betterment of rowing in the country. The intention behind these conversations is to shape RCA’s strategic planning and influence the priorities and activities of Provincial Rowing Associations.

As the sport of rowing in Canada charts a course into the future, these collaborative efforts set the stage for a more resilient, inclusive, and prosperous rowing community. The dedication of all involved ensures that rowing in Canada will continue to thrive, even in the face of challenges, as the shared vision becomes a reality.

Stay tuned for more details on the outcomes and next steps of the semi-annual meeting.

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