The RCA Board of Directors announces the appointment of Director at Large – Dana Thorne – Sunaxwumaat

At the Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) Annual Meeting in September, three qualified candidates were vetted by our Nominating Committee and presented to the Membership.  The Membership voted two of the three names presented on the slate – Charles Minett and Michael Bryden. The election resulted in a highly qualified ‘Board of Directors’ (RCA Board) however, left an imbalance of gender and diversity at the table.  

To align with our values and reflect our changing membership, the RCA Board observed this outcome and wanted to expedite an appropriate solution.  

To address this matter, a Special meeting of the RCA Board was called to enact the RCA By-Law 9.5 Appointed Director:

 “The Board of Directors may appoint one additional director to hold office for a term expiring not later than the close of the next Annual meeting of members, provided that at least three directors were elected at the previous Annual Meeting of members and that the appointed director meets the eligibility requirements set out in paragraph 9.3.”

Former RCA Board Member, Dana Thorne – Sunaxwumaat was appointed to fill the role of Director at Large until the 2024 RCA Annual Meeting.  Dana brings a significant wealth of knowledge and unique experience to the RCA Board that is invaluable in supporting RCA’s strategic goals of reducing barriers and becoming a more inclusive sport.

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