Susan Antoft, OLY 1976, 1980 – Be the Difference Maker for the National Rowing Team

Fellow Rowing Canada Aviron Alumni,

Why I donated to the #SayOuitoParis – Fuel the Journey Campaign.

But first, a true story.

For the training and selection camp for the 1976 Montreal Olympics, clubs from across Canada loaned pairs and oars. All but two oars were labeled with the loaning club’s name and a club number. Those two outlier oars were named, “Fonzie” and “Birdman”. (I know who you are!) Just my luck, the pair that was assigned to Dolores Young and me had these oars with the names of fictitious characters.

I would have been thrilled, inspired, and honoured to have had the name of a real person, a Canadian and Olympian, on the oar in my hands. To be connected with someone who had the same intense training experiences, who had a legacy of races at the highest levels, and who may have wanted to visibly pass on their encouragements and blessings to the next generations of athletes.

Feel the same way? Join my sub-campaign with a contribution of $750 or more, and have your name put on a National Training Centre Oar. All donations will be receipted and are eligible charitable contributions. My goal is for seven more (yes, I have already signed up for one on portside), named oars for National Rowing Team competing at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Let’s show that we are with them every stroke!

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Susan Antoft, OLY 1976, 1980, World Championships 1977 (W2- Bronze), World Championships 1978 (W2- Silver)

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