Solid Finishes Cap Challenging World Rowing Under 19 World Championships

Solid Finishes Cap Challenging World Rowing Under 19 World Championships

The Canadian Team faced storms that caused delays and a condensed schedule. Nevertheless, the young rowers managed to secure several solid finishes in the B Finals, showcasing their determination and skill.

The Canadian Rowing Team showcased their unwavering determination and skill at the 2023 World Rowing Under 19 Championships, held in Paris, France this week. Battling through stormy weather and postponements, the young athletes displayed composure and poise beyond their years to cope with the difficult conditions and head home with invaluable experience and a lifetime of memories.

The opening day of competition was marred by inclement weather, but the Canadian team remained resilient, undeterred by the challenges posed by Mother Nature. With predicted storms threatening further disruptions, the organizers were forced to condense the already intense schedule, setting the stage for an action-packed final day of racing.

One of the highlights of the Championships was the remarkable performance of the Canadian Junior Women’s Pair (JW2-) comprising the talented duo, Sarah Stacey and Makeda Harrison. Their tenacity and skill were on full display as they dominated the B Final, securing a commendable seventh-place finish overall. Throughout the race, the pair showed poise and composure, strategically executing a controlled race plan. Their powerful surge in the third 500m propelled them to take the lead at the 1500m marker, eventually clinching victory by an impressive margin of over two seconds.

Saturday’s racing saw the Junior Women’s Four (JW4-) of Ingrid Eshuis, Emma Goedhart, Novella Rusman and Stella Bittman compete bravely to a 3rd place finish in the B Final, to end the Championships as the ninth overall crew. It was a hotly contested B Final, that saw the Canadian crew challenge Australian and Austrian crews right to the finish line in a mature row by the promising foursome.

In the Junior Men’s Single, Lucas Maroney rowed valiantly to finish fourth in the B Final, finishing 10th overall for the regatta. In a hotly contested final and facing tough competition and adverse weather conditions, Lucas remained unfazed and gave his best effort in the B Final. With remarkable poise and strength, he powered through the challenging race to secure the fourth-place finish. His solid performance throughout the regatta was a testament to his hard work and dedication to his rowing.

Our Canadian Junior Women’s Quad (JW4x) of Madeson Scott, Autumn Crewe, Clara Van Dyk and Julia Teixeira finished sixth in the B Final, and 12th overall for the Championships. It was a solid race for the quad who only formed in the past few weeks but showed a level of determination beyond their years during the regatta.

For the Junior Men’s Pair (JM2-) of Connor Bohlmann and Peter Scaccabarozzi, the week in Paris was a great opportunity for the emerging rowers to don the Maple Leaf. On Friday, the pair finished second in the C Final, and 14th overall at the Championships, a result that sees the teenagers head home from Paris with invaluable experience of competing on the international level.

Rowing Canada Aviron extends heartfelt congratulations to all the Canadian Team Members of the Under 19 Championships, their coaches, their families, and their local rowing clubs, where they began their journey in the sport, for their efforts at the 2023 World Rowing Under 19 Championships.


2023 World Rowing Under 19 Championships – Canadian Team Results:

Women’s Pair (JW2-) – 1st in B Final – 7th Overall

Sarah Stacey (Notre Dame Rowing Club / Ontario)

Makeda Harrison (St. Catharines Rowing Club / Ontario)


Women’s Four (JW4-) – 3rd in B Final – 9th Overall

Ingrid Eshuis (St. Catharines Rowing Club / Ontario)

Emma Goedhart (Notre Dame Rowing Club / Ontario)

Novella Rusman (Brentwood College School / British Columbia)

Stella Bittman (Notre Dame Rowing Club / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre / Ontario)


Men’s Single (JW1x) – 4th in B Final – 10th Overall

Lucas Maroney (South Niagara Rowing Club / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre / Ontario)


Women’s Quad (JW4x) – 6th in B Final – 12th Overall

Madeson Scott (South Niagara Rowing Club / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre / Ontario)

Autumn Crowe (Ridley College / Ontario)

Clara Van Dyk (South Niagara Rowing Club / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre / Ontario)

Julia Teixeira (Argonaut Rowing Club / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre / Ontario)


Men’s Pair (JM2-) – 2nd in C Final – 14th Overall

Connor Bohlmann (Vancouver College / British Columbia)

Peter Scaccabarozzi (Vancouver College / British Columbia)



Greg Szybka (Rowing Canada Aviron / Ontario NextGen Performance Centre)

Mike Petrychanko (St. Catharines Rowing Club)

Elana Gelineau (Saskatoon Rowing Club)

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