Rowing Canada Aviron Welcomes New Members to Safety and Events Committee

Rowing Canada Aviron Welcomes New Members to Safety and Events Committee

Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Michelle Boss and Tom Blacquiere to the Safety and Events Committee (SEC). Both bring a wealth of experience and a shared commitment to the continued growth and safety of rowing in Canada. 

The SEC plays a crucial role in RCA, offering ongoing advice and direction in all areas of rowing safety and the organization of rowing events. This committee is particularly involved in Canadian National regattas and the RCA Sanction policy and procedures. It also responds to safety and event-related requests from the RCA Board of Directors and Members, leveraging the committee’s collective expertise to ensure safe and successful rowing activities nationwide. 

Introducing the New Committee Members: 

Michelle Boss: Michelle has been a vibrant part of the rowing community for 20 years, contributing her expertise at provincial, national, and international events. She currently chairs the Rowing BC Regatta Committee, overseeing sanctioning processes in the province. Michelle has a particular interest in coastal rowing, especially beach sprints, and is excited to bring her knowledge of this emerging discipline to the SEC. 

Tom Blacquiere: Tom’s involvement with rowing spans over three decades, encompassing roles as an athlete, coach, club administrator, and umpire. His extensive experience includes 16 years on the RowON Board, where he led initiatives in club development, events, and umpiring, and served as President for five years. Tom has held numerous committee positions at local, provincial, and national levels and served as Chair of the RCA Umpires Committee twice. Recently, he was Ontario’s Sanction Officer from 2018 to 2022. Tom is passionate about ensuring safe and fair rowing and is particularly enthusiastic about the inclusion of Beach Sprints in the 2028 LA Olympic Games. 

Safety and Events Committee Members:  

  • Mike Bagshawe (Chair)  
  • Matteo Cendamo   
  • Lynda Dundas   
  • Tim Henderson  
  • Tom Blacquiere 
  • Michelle Boss 

Safety Resources  
The SEC is integral to RCA’s mission of promoting safe and well-organized rowing events. Clubs and members are encouraged to access valuable safety resources, including documents and training modules, on the RCA website. Staying informed and prepared is essential for maintaining the highest standards of safety in our sport. 

Event Hosting Safety Information and Resources 
Rowing Canada Aviron Safety Modules 

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