RCA announces Kinduct partnership

RCA is pleased to announce its partnership with Canadian Athlete Management System company Kinduct.

Kinduct’s platform will allow RCA to better track athletes along the High Performance Development pathway, and contains key aspects of performance monitoring as well as robust Sport Science and Sport Medicine tracking.

“The Kinduct system offers tools and graphics that streamline performance reporting, allowing us to better support athlete and coach development,” said Chuck McDiarmid, RCA NextGen Program Lead. “The Kinduct team was very supportive throughout our transition and introduction to their platform and we are looking forward to continuing to work closely with them.”

“We’re extremely excited and proud to be working with Rowing Canada Aviron,” said Matt English, Kinduct Account Executive. “Their entire team has taken an innovative approach to monitoring their high performance athletes, as well as creating a more standardized plan for assessing the next generation of rowers across the country. We’re looking forward to providing a best-in-class solution for Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls as we continue to work with more NSO organizations across Canada.”

RCA has completed the transition of its athlete tracking database to the Kinduct system. Questions regarding the new database and RADAR submissions can be directed to Chuck McDiarmid.

About Kinduct
Kinduct’s Athlete Management System is used by over 500 teams, leagues, organizations, and performance centres around the world. Through its secure, cloud-based Athlete Management System, Kinduct consolidates athlete performance and injury data, improving workflow and optimizing performance for thousands of coaches, trainers, and athletes. Kinduct is also integrated with many world-leading wearables, assessment and data collection technologies, turning rich data into powerful insights. Visit www.kinduct.com for more information.

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