Progress on RCA High Performance Culture Report

The Rowing Canada Aviron Board of Directors (“RCA Board”) would like to provide a further update to our rowing community on work being done to address the recommendation of the independent high-performance review, conducted by Rubin-Thomlinson LLP.

The purpose of the review was to gather information from stakeholders about their experiences with RCA’s High Performance (“HP”) program’s culture as well as review RCA’s policies, procedures, and governance as it relates to Safe Sport, and then provide recommendations to the RCA Board.

As stated in previous communications, we accepted all of the recommendations issued by Rubin-Thomlinson LLP:

  1. Acknowledging the Past and Processing the Report
  2. Internalize Safety and Respect
  3. Improve Communication and Transparency
  4. Foster Inclusion

The RCA Board sees that leadership starts with the Board. We have begun the process of challenging ourselves to examine our roles and the role of the Board. RCA is working to fill two vacant Director at Large positions on the Board of Directors and consulting with the Provincial Advisory Council to fill the Provincial Director vacancy.

Since accepting the findings of the Report, the Board has reviewed a Gap Analysis to identify where additional work is required to build on the progress made in the following areas:

  • Improved Access to Trauma Informed Support for Athletes
  • Reset Values and Behaviours in the Daily Training Environment
  • Improved Athlete Representation and Communication
  • Revised HR practices (Hiring, Onboarding, Performance Management)
  • Education for Staff, Coaches and Athletes (Safe Sport, Bystander, Conflict Resolution, DEI)
  • Enhanced Complaints Management – Abuse Free Sport (OSIC)
  • Governance and Policy Review

We have made a call out to strike an Independent Review Accountability Committee. The Committee will assist the RCA Board in monitoring progress and ensuring the fulfillment of the recommendations emerging from the Review.

Throughout this process, the RCA Board has deeply reflected on how we can, should, and will govern more effectively, efficiently, and sustainably. We are committed, investing the time required, and taking the necessary steps to rebuild trust with our members and high-performance rowing community.

Sincerely, RCA Board:

Carol Purcer – RCA President
Lindsay Bergen – RCA Athlete Director
Tom Hawker – RCA Director at Large and Treasurer
Dana Thorne – RCA Director at Large
Carol Purcer, President: 

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