National Conference Speaker Spotlight: Marc-André Duchesneau

National Conference Speaker Spotlight: Marc-André Duchesneau

The 2024 RCA National Conference will kick off with ‘Balancing the Delicate Art of Modern High Performance Coaching’, keynote speech by Coaching Performance Advisor, Marc-André Duchesneau.

Marc-André’s keynote will focus on the best principles that underpin the careers of serial-winning coaches. Attendees will learn the importance of self-reflection during their own career paths and will be able to identify the type of environment that exists at their own rowing club and its impact on the development of resilient athletes.

Marc-André Duchesneau holds a doctorate in educational sciences from the Université de Montréal. After pursuing a coaching career in swimming that saw him become coach of the junior national team in 2016, he retired from sports coaching in 2017 to help coaches and sports organizations innovate. He’s collaborated with several Quebec sports federations (figure skating, swimming, water polo, ultimate) and organizations (Ministère de l’Éducation, Institut National du sport du Québec, CREM network) and has accompanied more than 70 coaches in their quest for learning.


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