Member Update: Return to Events

Member Update: Return to Events

COVID-19 restrictions are slowly lifting across Canada at varying degrees and at different intervals. In many areas, hosting events, including competitions such as regattas, is already or will soon be allowed within local and provincial public health restrictions. Accordingly, under the guidance of Chief Medical Officer Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) alongside Provincial Rowing Associations (PRA), is preparing for a return to outdoor events (competitions between two or more clubs).

Member organizations must continue to abide by their local, provincial and federal public health guidelines when making decisions and assessments related to hosting events.

Event sanctions will be granted for outdoor events delivered July 23 and onwards where local and provincial restrictions allow. Event sanction timelines will vary by province and will be communicated by the PRA.


In addition to the typical RCA Event Sanctioning requirements, RCA member organizations planning to host outdoor events must also adhere to the following COVID-19 specific event requirements:

  • RCA Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool. Member organizations must have a completed RCA Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool and associated club protocols on file. Organizations that completed a tool in 2020 are not required to create a new version, however it is necessary that club protocols have been updated within current local guidelines.
  • Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan. Event Organizers are required to create an Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan that is publicly available to all participants. The plan must include expectations and protocols that all participants and event personnel are expected to follow before, during and after the event (if applicable), including any requirements that are outlined in their local and provincial public health guidelines. Requirements, guidelines and other considerations for Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plans are detailed here. Event Organizers are required to meet with their PRA and RCA (as arranged by the PRA) to review the Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan prior to being granted event sanction.
  • COVID-19 Officer. Event Organizers are required to appoint an individual responsible for implementing and monitoring adherence to the Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan and to be the key point of contact for COVID-19 related issues and questions before, during and after the event.
  • Post Event Report. An assessment of the execution and associated outcomes of the Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan should be included in the post event report.

These additional event sanction requirements are in place until further notice by RCA.

RCA is currently not sanctioning indoor events. 


Participation in RCA Sanctioned Events is only for individuals with an active RCA membership who belong to member organizations that have COVID-19 protocols in place.

Member organizations are required to ensure that their event participants adhere to protocols outlined in the Outdoor Event COVID-19 Safety Plan published by the event. Participants should also follow club protocols that have been adapted for event participation when applicable (e.g. hygiene, cleaning and sanitizing for individuals and equipment, limit sharing of equipment, water bottles, towels, while at the event, etc.) 


Member organizations interested in hosting an event should notify their PRA to learn more about timelines and how to submit an application for event sanction that includes the necessary supplementary COVID-19 information.

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