Join the Journey and Support the National Team

Join the Journey and Support the National Team

Happy Olympic Year!

As the National Team intensifies their training regimen and prepares for the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympic Games, we’re calling upon the heartbeat of our rowing community to rally behind them. Every stroke, every sunrise practice, and every ripple in the water brings the rowers closer to their Olympic dreams. To help them reach new heights in this final stretch of training, we invite you to become a monthly donor and help propel them towards success in Paris this summer.

4x Olympian, Olympic Silver Medalist, and 2024 Olympic Hopeful, Will Crothers shares how community support resonates throughout the team:

“Every individual who supports us at the grassroots level contributes to our momentum. The unique aspect is that we’re not only training to make our supporters proud; we’re also doing it alongside them when we have this backing. When the entire community stands behind us, the sense of power and unity becomes even more profound.”

Join the journey by signing up as a monthly donor and become a vital part of the National Team’s support system. If monthly donations aren’t suitable for you, one-time donations are also an excellent way to show your support. Every contribution, no matter the frequency, makes a difference.

To sign up as a monthly donor or make a one-time donation, click here: #SayOuiToParis – Fuel the Journey.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey!

Support the National Rowing Team

If you have any questions about this campaign or other ways to support the National Team, including the option of making a gift of shares or other securities, please contact Susanne Wereley (Grainger) at


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