Join Curtis Ames on his journey to Paris

Join Curtis Ames on his journey to Paris

To the Canadian Rowing Community,

Warm greetings in this festive December season! I am Curtis Ames, and it has been my privilege to proudly represent Canada as a National Team Rower in the Men’s Eight for the last two years. Our team is passionately focused on qualifying the Men’s Eight for the 2024 Olympics, and going for gold in Paris. As our journey intensifies, I want to share how your support impacts our pursuit of excellence.

Qualifying the Men’s Eight is a huge challenge, requiring relentless effort and unwavering dedication every day. The path is demanding, both physically and mentally. With only two berths for Olympic qualification available and several countries vying for these spots, the competition is fierce. This challenge has us pushing our limits every session, each stroke bringing us closer to our goal of gold in Paris. The stakes are high, and we are not only aiming for Paris – we are also striving to rebuild the legacy of the Canadian Men’s Eight that can continue to make Canada proud in LA 2028 and beyond.



The Breakfast Program has made a monumental difference for our whole team; easing the mental, financial, and time pressures associated with nourishing our bodies for the rigorous training ahead. It allows us to focus on the quest for qualification of the Men’s Eight for Paris 2024. Gibby’s Cafe, one of our local partners in Duncan, has become more than just a place to refuel. They are part of our support system, and we love the sense of community they have fostered.

Rowing is an amateur sport, which means we row for the sheer love of the sport, driven by a passion to challenge ourselves and to be the best in the world. While we are very fortunate to receive the support of Rowing Canada Aviron and our government partners, we still face financial challenges. Devoting ourselves wholly to the pursuit of excellence comes with the reality that there isn’t much time or energy for a job or profession as well. I put my professional career on hold after graduating from Western in 2021, a choice mirrored by most, if not all, of my teammates who have put everything on hold to focus on rowing and competing for Canada. Your support is a symbol of belief and a beacon of hope, breaking down financial barriers and enabling us to pursue our passion with fewer constraints. It is your support that transforms our individual pursuit into a shared journey towards competing on the world stage and making Canada proud.

The road ahead is filled with unknowns and challenges, but our hope and determination remain strong. We invite you to be a crucial part of our journey as we seek to qualify the Men’s Eight for Paris. Your contribution fuels not only our bodies, but also our spirits, providing the sustenance we need to overcome challenges and continue striving for greatness. Every contribution, regardless of its size, brings us one stroke closer to realizing our dreams.

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Thank you for considering this opportunity to stand behind us.

With gratitude,
Curtis Ames
2024 Olympic Hopeful

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