Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame

The Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments of Canadian rowers at the highest levels of the sport, and those whose efforts have contributed directly to those results. These individual stories serve as inspirations to Canadians and others, and will help to promote the sport and its amazing history.

The Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame also recognizes those who have brought honour to the sport and to Canada, and those whose substantial and sustained efforts have contributed to the growth and development of the sport in Canada and abroad.

The Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame will ensure that these outstanding contributions will be remembered for generations to come.

Hall of Fame Committee


The CRHF structure, policies and procedures are established under the authority of Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) to honour the great achievements by Canadians in rowing and those whose dedicated efforts have greatly benefited the sport in Canada and abroad.

The RCA Board of Directors has the power to amend these provisions and their interpretation of these provisions shall be final.


To ensure the longevity of the CRHF, Rowing Canada Aviron has established a committee, which will be charged with the advancement of the Hall over the ensuing years. The CRHF Committee will build a transparent, merit-based and prestigious Hall in a manner that fully engages the rowing community and builds a base of donors and supporters that will help to sustain the Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame in perpetuity.


The committee appointed by RCA will evaluate nominees on the basis of the significance and scope of their achievements, their dedication to their sport, the consistency of their performance, and personal qualities that reflect the RCA values on and off the water.

In an effort to maintain transparency and equality, the selection committee will be comprised of the following members:

  • Chair [voting member]
  • Vice-Chair [voting member]
  • Treasurer [voting-member]
  • Athlete representative [voting member]
  • Club representative [voting member]
  • Non RCA high-performance sport representative [voting member]
  • Media representative [voting-member]
  • Secretary [non-voting member]
  • Researcher [non-voting member]


Nominees must have held Canadian citizenship or Canadian residency for a minimum of three years, be born in Canada, or made their distinguished contribution to rowing in Canada. Deceased athletes, coaches and builders are eligible for consideration. Nominees shall not ordinarily be considered eligible for nomination until four (4) years after retirement from major competitive participation. The Committee may, by a unanimous affirmative vote, eliminate the four-year waiting period if deemed necessary under the candidate’s personal circumstances.

Nominees may be:

Athlete (individual Or Crew)

Any individual or crew (including coxswain) who is or has been an active part of the Canadian rowing community, who has achieved outstanding and extraordinary success in Canada and as a Canadian competing in a FISA level World Championships, Olympic or Paralympic Games, who demonstrates exemplary values and/or personal
characteristics, and makes a defining contribution to rowing and to Canadian society, demonstrating ability, sportsmanship and character while contributing to the crew and/or the Canadian team.


Any person who has, through personal leadership and demonstration of positive personal character, made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to the development of Canadian rowers at the national and/or international levels, as indicated by the results obtained by those rowers, and who has, through stated and demonstrated principles, contributed positively to the development of other coaches and to the sport of rowing.


Any person who has made an outstanding and extraordinary contribution to the sport of rowing, demonstrates exemplary values and personal characteristics, and makes a defining contribution to the sport of rowing and/or Canadian society. (Potential nominees for this category include leader, racing official, administrator, club developer, competition/event organizer, and outstanding volunteer)

A member of the Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame in one category remains eligible for nomination in another category.

Nomination Of Candidates

All nominations must be submitted via the CRHF online form and shall contain a complete record of the merits and achievements of each candidate. All submitted nominations must be professional in nature and include, at a minimum, the following information in order to be considered for the CRHF

  • At least two letters of support from RCA community members’ familiar with the individual
  • A complete and accurate biography of the nominees’ accomplishments
  • Statistical information (if available during the nominees’ era)
  • Copies of news clippings, photos, etc. (if available during the nominees’ era)
  • Failure to provide this information will result in the non-consideration of the nominated candidate. An individual or organization including members of the
  • Rowing Canada Aviron Board of Directors, RCA staff, and the CRHF Committee may annually submit up to two nominations in each of the categories

Nominees will be considered for induction in the year nominated, and, if requested by the nominator, for up to three successive years thereafter. In the event that a nominee is not selected for induction within the three-year period, the nomination will be declared inactive and may only be resubmitted after a period of four years has elapsed. A maximum of five pages of supporting documentation may accompany each nomination

The criteria by which nominees are considered for selection to the CRHF are specific and performance based. All nominees are considered equally against the criteria and all who qualify are accorded the highest honour that the sport itself, at the national level, can bestow in recognition.

To submit a nomination, please carefully read the Canadian Rowing Hall of Fame guidelines and submit your nomination through the online form below.

Please note: Failure to include all required information will result in the non-consideration of the nominated candidate.

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