World Rowing Coastal Race Module Part A

Date & Time

  • Event DatesAugust 9-11, 2022
  • Start Time11:00 am PT


  • VenueVirtual
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August 9 and 11, 11:00am-2:00pm PT

To register, email Colleen Miller at


The Coastal Race Module is aimed at experienced rowing coaches who are interested in coaching coastal racing, and club and event officials wishing to learn more about the two coastal race formats.

The module has been split into two parts: A virtual part and B practical part.

The part A virtual sessions are a mixture pre-recorded video keynotes, 2 live workshops and 4 written tasks. The course covers:

  1. Introduction to racing coastal
  2. Safe management of on water coaching sessions – including – risk management, navigational hazards, float plans, boat and crew checks, briefing, signing out/in,
  3. Launching and landing on a beach and rescue drills
  4. Race technique – Overview of the technical and tactical phases of beach sprint and endurance. The start, slalom rowing, working the water, race turning and beach finish.
  5. Race logistics: beach sprint – overview of the physical demands of the race, insight into the logistics of racing (progression, time trials, last eight, pool boats, standard rigging, lane selection) and the role of boat handlers.
  6. How to set up a beach sprint training course and run selection races.

We are delighted to announce that Guin Batten, the lead World Rowing Coastal coach educator will be delivering the course with support from a number of RCA coach developers. 

Successful participants will receive a World Rowing Coastal Race Module Part A Virtual Certificate.


Before the workshop session you are asked to watch the relevant theory keynotes so that you can take part in the discussion and complete the tasks. The keynotes are presented by Guin Batten with her distinctive style and have action videos embedded within them. It is essential that you have watched all of these prior to the workshops.


There will be two live workshops, to share your learning, prepare for the written tasks, ask loads of questions, and dig into some coastal topics.

The workshops are three hours long and will be on Tuesday August 9 and Thursday August 11, 2022 between 11:00 am -2:00 pm PT. 


  1. Float Plan Task – planning for an endurance training session on Torre’s Beach. (Est. completion time 30 minutes)
  2. Dynamic Risk Assessment Task – risk assessment and actions for beach sprint training session. (Est. completion time 30 minutes)
  3. Race Skills Task – plan for teaching one beach sprint skills (entry, exit, turn, slalom or surf stall). Use the template. (Est. completion time 30 minutes)
  4. Personal Action Plan – a plan for you with short, medium and long terms goals. Use the template. (Est. completion time 15 minutes)

Each task will be set up in the workshops and you will have set number of days to submit your task from the date of the last workshop. If for any reason you are asked to resubmit, the deadline will be extended.

A google drive will be set up for you to submit your task into. The feedback on your tasks will be shared here too.


Successful candidates will receive a part A certificate issued by World Rowing.  The practical Part B will be set up in the near future and you will be invited to take part.