Come and try Rowing for Laurie Middle School Compass Program

Date & Time

  • Event DateJune 13, 2019
  • Start Time9:30 am MT


  • VenueRockies Rowing Club at Jimsmith Lake
  • Address4301 Lakeview Drive, Cranbrook, BC
  • CityCranbrook, BC, Canada


& Resources

Come and try rowing and other outdoor program pursuits will be happening same day. rowing will have 6 students at a time to teach. There will be a one to one ratio of instruction to student. They had a preliminary introduction in class about rowing including safety concerns. check mark points explanation: I have checked the boxes to make sure the form completes but need to explain the following All Safety Boat drivers will be properly certified and meet Transport Canada requirements. We are on a body of water that does not permit the use of propellers so there are no power boats on the lake. we use a tin boat for safety rescue and that boat will be on the water under human power. The course will be clearly marked, showing start/finish/lane indicators where applicable and, areas of danger. the lake is less than 1000m and shore is close. there are no start finish lane indicators on the lake. we have a set path we row and will make note of that but the students will have someone with them who knows the lake.