2024 National Come Try Rowing Day

Date & Time

  • Event DatesJune 7-9, 2024
  • Start Time9:00 am ET


  • VenueRowing Clubs Across Canada
  • AddressAll across the nation
  • CityCanada


  • HostRowing Canada Aviron Member Clubs Across Canada

& Resources

A Come Try Rowing event is a promotional event hosted by a club or an association to promote rowing within their communities. First-time participants are invited to try rowing in a supervised and safe setting. Come Try events are: 

  • Promoted by clubs and associations to attract new people to our sport
  • Typically 1 – 3 hours in duration
  • Supervised by certified coaches
  • Not races, regattas or training camps

To host a Come Try event, clubs need to register their event two weeks in advanceClubs can request to host a Come Try Rowing event here. 

Once Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) approves the event it will be live in the Web Registration System (WRS) and will have a unique URL that is to be used for participant registration. 

All participants should register through the WRS. During the registration process, participants will be required to complete the RCA waiver form. If it is not possible for a person to register through WRS, participants can complete a paper version of the waiver (Waiver | Assumption of Risk).  

Clubs will be billed $5 per participant, up to $75. Come Try Rowing events can have more than 15 participants, at no extra charge. Within 7 days following the event, organizations must confirm their total number of participants to RCA. If RCA does not receive the list of participants within 7 days after the event, the organization will be billed $75.  

Inquiries related to Come Try events should be directed to Rachel Wolff.