United by water since 1880

by water since1880

Our Brand

Our story began in 1880, developed from a proud nation of rowers united by water. Generations have been drawn to those same waters — to challenge themselves or to claim the podium — uniting under the emblem of Rowing Canada Aviron.

Rowing Canada Aviron logo

The Evolution Of An Icon

Honouring our past and preparing for our future, the new emblem reinterprets a century of Canadian rowing for the next generation. Using a simple, bold aesthetic, this new emblem illustrates greater clarity than ever before.

Creating A Unified Symbol

An emblem we will all wear with pride on and off the water, unifying Canadians from near and far.

Our Emboldened Presence

An emblem that resonates and inspires on the international podium and back home.

Row for life

The emblem will be extended into a series of exclusive shields that will unite and instill pride within our rowing community.

Rowing Canada Aviron flag
This new look is a great way to feel connected to the entire rowing community. The new brand honours our sport's heritage in a new way that speaks to the exciting future of rowing in Canada!
Maxwell Lattimer, National Team Athlete
Maxwell Lattimer
I’ve been so proud to represent Canada over the past 7 years and it’s been a privilege to do so by wearing our most recent emblem. I’m excited to be part of this new chapter in Rowing Canada Aviron’s history and race our new emblem on the world stage for the first time!
Susanne Grainger, National Team Athlete
Susanne Grainger

In the coming months, the new brand will come to life across all Rowing Canada Aviron’s touch points and platforms including our website, social media, Team Canada gear, umpire uniforms, and lifestyle apparel.

Why did Rowing Canada Aviron develop a new brand?

We want to welcome more people into our sport, maintain our presence on the world stage and ensure the entire Canadian rowing community feels connected. Great promotion of rowing will start with a brand that is memorable and understood at home and abroad.

Was a re-brand necessary? What was wrong with the old logo?

Our logo was difficult to market and the external community did not associate our logo with rowing. Conceptually, the new logo remains the same- a single rowing through a maple leaf. The new brand provides greater clarity of who we are and what we represent and looks great on all touchpoints and platforms (e.g. digital, print, and apparel).

When will we start using the new logo?

We have adopted a phased implementation, with the expectation that the new brand will be fully integrated by 2021. You will start to see the new brand come to life across various Rowing Canada Aviron platforms over the next year and as early as this month at the World Rowing Championships in Bulgaria. Stay tuned for the launch of our new brand on our digital platforms this fall – including our new website!

Are we expected to remove all items containing the old logo?

No. This is a phased implementation. Rowing Canada Aviron will contact each stakeholder group describing the implementation process and timelines specific to them. We are proud of our history and the old logo will always be part of our journey.

Will Rowing Canada Aviron be creating exclusive looks for all stakeholders?

We are creating a set of shields for our stakeholders and supporters that will provide them with an exclusive feel that strengthens their cohesiveness. The standard brand will also be applied to additional stakeholders to ensure they are part of the evolution.

How can I be part of this evolution?

We are preparing to support partner organizations for implementation of our new brand. As part of this process, we will also provide the opportunity for individuals to invest in our new look.

This initiative has been supported by the Canadian Olympic Committee National Sport Federation Enhancement Fund.