Event Sanctioning Application

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In order to apply for your event to be sanctioned by Rowing Canada Aviron, you must be a member in good standing. Please go to the RCA Member Registration website to check your membership status.

Please indicate the province in which the event will take place
Event Information
(e.g.: Sprint, Head, etc.)
Organizing Committee Information
Chief Umpire Information
a) All sanctioned events must be hosted and staged according to the RCA Rules of Racing and the RCA Safety Guidelines. b) In accordance with the RCA Rules of Racing Rule 1.6 Exceptions, any variance may be permissible, but must be declared in advance using the space below. These exceptions must be approved by the PRA and in the cases of the Canadian National Regattas the PRA and RCA, and if approved, posted before the event. Any exception request must also include measures taken to ensure that the same level of safety and fairness is being provided at the regatta as is provided for by the RCA Rules of Racing. Please state the rule number, the rule, the exception request, and the measures taken to provide the same level of safety and fairness at the event
Checklist - Mandatory Items
Please indicate the number of certified boat drivers.
Please include organization name and phone number(s)
Please indicate whether you will be providing maps for the following: Course Map; Land Traffic Map; Training Map; Racing Map. Other.
Please indicate how the race schedules will be made available AND to whom AND when
Checklist - Discretionary Items
Please describe the facility. Will there be a test scale? Will there be practice weigh-ins?