Umpires Confirmed for 2017 National Regattas

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RCA extends its congratulations to the 45 umpires who were appointed to the juries for the 2017 RCA National Regattas. The RCA Umpires Committee has selected umpires for the following events: Canada Summer Games, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta, the Canadian University Rowing Association (CURA) Championships and the National Rowing Championships.

“I am extremely pleased with the number of umpires that have been selected to be part of the four National Regattas,” said Tom Blacquiere, chair, RCA Umpires Committee. “The selected umpires are at a variety of stages along the Umpire Pathway, and I am encouraged to see so many applying. This demonstrates the work being done across the country in developing umpires.”

From over 80 applications, the Umpires Committee has selected 45 umpires representing eight provinces in Canada. The comprehensive selection process involved submissions by the umpire’s home province to the RCA Subcommittee on Umpire Selection and FISA Matters. Applications were reviewed with recommendations submitted to the Umpires Committee, where final selection was confirmed.

“It is an honour for me to have been selected as one of the National Jury members representing Quebec at the Royal Canadian Henley,” said Richard Cabana, umpire, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (Quebec). “Rowing in Canada is a sport which pre-dates confederation and has a long tradition of highly competitive athletes, sportsmanship and community. Umpiring is a terrific way to give back to a sport I am passionate about. National Jury selection is a significant milestone for myself or any Canadian umpire.”

“Being named to a National Jury is both a personal and professional honour,” said Leslie Milbury, umpire, Royal Canadian Henley Regatta (Ontario). “This nomination supports my personal, continuing commitment to umpiring. In nominating me to a National Jury, it tells me that the umpiring community is placing its trust in my skills and abilities as an umpire and is giving me an incredible opportunity to further develop my skills and abilities.”

2017 Juries for RCA National Regattas

Canada Summer Games – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Chief Umpire: Allan Horne (Manitoba)
Assistant Chief Umpire: Phillippe Colas (Quebec)

Jury: Errol Bosman (Alberta), Gord Sund (British Columbia), Laurel Glanfield (British Columbia), Marc Payette (Manitoba), Lise Trent (Manitoba), Roger Trembley (New Brunswick), Bonnie Anderson (Nova Scotia), Rick Piccinin (Ontario), Andrew Smith (Ontario), Ross Yeo (Ontario)

Spare: Lori Lumley (British Columbia)

Royal Canadian Henley Regatta – St. Catharines, Ontario

Chief Umpire: Ken Campbell (Ontario)
Assistant Chief Umpire: Tom Blacquiere (Ontario)

Jury: Jeff Simpson (Alberta), Peter Sage (British Columbia), Wayne Van Osterhout (British Columbia), Lesley Griffiths (Nova Scotia), Melanie Bryce (Ontario), Andre Binda (Ontario), Marie-Sophie Desnauliers (Ontario), Lynda Dundas (Ontario), Wes Kuran (Ontario), Leslie Milbury (Ontario), Alan Oldham (Ontario), Richard Cabana (Quebec), Guillaume Chretien (Quebec)

Canadian University Championships – Burnaby, British Columbia

Chief Umpire: Debbie Sage (British Columbia)
Assistant Chief Umpire: Bill Donegan (Ontario)

Jury: Audra Vair (Alberta), Lori Lumley (British Columbia), Susan Wilkinson (British Columbia), Sandi Kirby (Manitoba), Jane Jarvis (Ontario), Carol Purcer (Ontario), Alain Rochon (Quebec), Sheila Leach-Dougherty (Saskatchewan)

Spare: Tammy Jacobson

National Rowing Championships – Burnaby, British Columbia

Chief Umpire: Mike Bagshawe (British Columbia)
Assistant Chief Umpire: Ge-An Rijnieersce (British Columbia)

Jury: Henry Jarowicz (Alberta), Tim Henderson (Alberta), Chris Frappell (British Columbia), Joan Backman (Nova Scotia), Marie-Sophie Desnauliers (Ontario), Bill Sheldon (Ontario), Meredith Smith (Ontario), Marie-Claude Gaudet (Quebec)

Spare: Julie Ann Vincent (Nova Scotia), Richard Koo (Ontario)

For more information:
Tom Blacquiere
Chair, RCA Umpires Committee