RCA welcomes NextGen rowers to Integration camp in Victoria

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The RCA High Performance team is gearing up for an Integration camp in Victoria, BC from February 18-24th.  RCA will welcome over fifty NextGen rowers to the National Training Centre for a week of high performance training.

The primary objective of the camp is to immerse these rowers in the National Training Centre daily environment and provide athletes with guidance around the RCA training and technical objectives leading into spring. A secondary objective is to evaluate the athlete pool for U23’s and other upcoming junior events.

”This is a great opportunity to get our up and coming athletes together on the water with the National Training Centre athletes. Many of our current Senior team athletes reflect on the opportunities they had as a younger athlete to train with senior team as being formative in their development. We want to thank local clubs including Shawnigan Lake School, University of Victoria and Victoria City Rowing Club for their support with resources for this camp.”

Athletes were selected based on the 2017 National Rowing Championship results, RADAR scores from November and HP coach recommendations.

Best of luck to all the RCA NextGen athletes!

Amanda Martin -Brock University
Anna Maloney -Brock University
Antonia Frappell -Indiana
Avalon Wastenays -UVIC
Cassidy Deane -Queen’s University
Gabby Smith -Montreal RC
Hayley Chase -Laurentian University
Kendra Wells -U of T
Louise Munro -Queens University
Marilou Duvernay -Tardif Boucherville RC
Mckenna Simpson -UVIC
Piper Battersby -UVIC
Rianne Boekhorst -Winnipeg RC
Alanna Ward -UVIC
Rebecca Kingston -UVIC
Larissa Werbicki -Western University
Anna Burnotte -Club nautique de Sherbrooke
Kienna Stephens -Burnaby Lake RC
Grace Vandenbroek -Peterborough RC
Lucy Black -Fredricton RC
Emma Dockray -SCRC
Amanda Caromicoli -Ron Rowing Club
Mel Webb -Western University
Laura Court -Brock University
Alec Stapff -UVIC
Brendan Wall -UBC
Brayden Halvorson -Western University
Charles Alexander -Laurentian University
Clark Matthew Schultz -UBC
Curtis Ames -Western University
Eric Daan Arscott - UVIC
Gavin Stone -Queens University
Hunter Amesbury -Carleton University
Isaac Donaldson -UVIC
Luc Brodeur -UVIC
Luke Gadsdon -Brock University
Mathew Szymanowski -UVIC
Ray Bell -UBC
Ryan Clegg -Western University
Sean Van Gessell -UBC
Travis Gronsdahl -UVIC
Ty Adams -UVIC
Nick Grubic -Queens University
Vlad Timinski -Kingston Rowing Club
Alex Bernst -Queens University
Andrew Allen -St. Catharines RC
Mitchell Rodgers -St. Catharines RC
Alex Jastremski -South Niagara RC
Adam Krol -Don Rowing Club
Karl Hare -Calgary Rowing Club
Neil Kennedy -South Niagara RC
Riley Toporowski -Brentwood College 
Skylar Presch -UVIC
Kevin Chung -UBC

Bayleigh Hooper - Trent University
Jeremy Hall - Edmonton
Andrew Todd - Ottawa RC
Tracy VanAsseldonk - Delta Deas RC
Christine Robbins - Fort Langley RC
Kyle Fredrickson - UVIC
Loren Pearson - VCRC

Phil Marshall -Queens University
Amanda Schweinbenz -Laurentian University
Gavin McKay -Aviron Quebec
Chantelle Hanley -Rowing NB Aviron
Chris Marshall -ROWONTARIO
Dan Bechard -Western University
Carol Love -Trent/Peterborough HUB
Dane Lawson - Western University HUB