RCA Rules of Racing Review - Update

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RCA would like to acknowledge the significant amount of work done by the RCA Rule of Racing Working Group on behalf of Members. Over the last 12 months the Working Group has developed recommendations for amendments to Rules of Racing to be reviewed by the RCA Board, and put forward for member voting at the Semi Annual General Meeting in January 2018. The recommendations of the Working Group are ONLY adopted into the Rules of Racing if RCA members vote to approve.

The complete recommendations of the Working Group to the RCA Board can be found here.

The Working Group would like to thank all stakeholders for their active participation in the consultation process. There have been numerous drafts of amendments informed by the comments of stakeholders as a result of the feedback requested in the Spring and the Fall of 2017.

The Working Group would like to highlight some of the more material revisions and recommendations that were presented to RCA Board of Directors:

  • The Working Group recommends no change to current rule regarding the lightweight category. Further consultation and evidence based opinion is required. (Rule 2.10)
  • The Working Group recommends the coxswain weight rule will be simplified to set the minimum weight for a coxswain in a junior event at 45 kg, and, in all other events at 55 kg. (Rule 2.5)
  • The Working Group recommends that many of the restrictions on sponsorship labelling and advertising (except alcohol and tobacco) be removed. (Rule 6.1-6.4)
  • The Working Group recommends a ban on alcohol and tobacco from the controlled ‘field of play’ at a Regatta.  (Rule 6.5)
  • The Working Group recommends raising the amount of the protest deposit from $100 to $300, and, the appeal deposit from $500 to $1000. (Rule 10.15; 10.19)

The Working Group will outline and discuss these and other proposals at an open forum on the Saturday of the National Conference, the day prior to the semi Annual General Meeting in January. Proposed amendments to the RCA Rules of Racing will be voted on, and adopted, if approved by the Members, at the RCA Semi-Annual General Meeting on 28th January 2018.

RCA would again like to thank William Donegan (Chair), Judy Sutcliffe, Mike Bagshawe, Peter Cookson, and Al Morrow as the members of the Working Group for their considerable hours of work on behalf of RCA Members. RCA and the Working Group would also like to recognize the contribution of Sam Fisher, who was an original member of the group. Sam stepped away to focus on health issues. We are saddened by his recent passing and express our sincerest sympathies to his friends and family.

RCA Rules of Racing – Working Group recommendations