RCA Launches Umpiring Education Program

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RCA is proud to announce the new Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 RCA Umpiring Education Program for Canada. The Program will improve access to the cadre of umpires and will improve the consistency and quality of umpiring across Canada. The program, available in English and French, presents a clear umpire pathway providing similar support and education offered to athletes and coaches.

“On behalf of the RCA Umpire Committee and all those involved, we’re proud to be able to launch the RCA Umpiring Education Program for the rowing community,” said Guylaine Bernier, outgoing chair of the RCA Umpire Committee. “It should be noted that umpires are volunteers, working tirelessly behind the scenes and who continue to give their time for training, certification and regattas throughout the year. We’re incredibly grateful to all of our well-trained umpires for their commitment to their roles and to the sport of rowing.”

Under the leadership of Bernier and the sub-committee Chair, Sandra Kirby, the program has been revamped and includes the creation of a five-tier structure, the establishment of the training frameworks and the development of the curriculum for each level.

The first three levels now include a formalized presentation of updated material, a supervised practical training program and a final evaluation. Each candidate will have consistent mentoring throughout their training lasting up to three years.

RCA Umpiring Education Program:

Level 1 – Assistant Umpire: Open to all those interested in umpiring. Athletes, coaches and volunteers are strongly encouraged to participate in this first step to learn about the RCA Rules of Racing.

Level 2 – Licensed Umpire: Participants will master the RCA Rules of Racing and their application in rowing, gaining first-hand experience in such activities as being in a race umpire's boat and starting a race. Successful completion of Level 2 will result in being awarded the RCA Umpire License, which is the corner stone of the RCA umpiring structure.   

Level 3 – Chief Umpire: Provides comprehensive training for umpires who wish to undertake Chief Umpire responsibilities at regattas.

Level 4 – RCA Clinicians:  Revision will be launched at a later date.

Level 5 – Preparation for Future FISA Umpire: is already in place and will be reviewed later. 

The RCA Umpires Committee and sub-committees have also reviewed and completed: 

  • Statement of the Role of the Umpire for Skills events;  
  • Jury selection for the World Rowing events and for the National Regattas  
  • Review of umpiring policies and procedures and recommendations for approval to RCA Board of Directors
  • Communication with Provincial Umpires Committees

To learn more about the RCA Umpiring Education Program, contact your Provincial Rowing Association or Rowing Canada Aviron.