RCA announces newly appointed Provincial Director – Carol Hermansen

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Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is pleased to announce it’s newly appointed Provincial Director following the 2017 RCA Semi-Annual Board Meeting.

Carol Hermansen (Calgary, AB) was appointed as the RCA Provincial Director, serving the remainder of the current term for this position on the RCA Board, ending at the 2018 RCA Annual Meeting.

The Provincial Director is the Chair of Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) reporting on PAC activities to the RCA Board of Directors. The Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) is a committee of RCA, responsible for maintaining effective communication between and among Provincial Rowing Associations (PRA) and RCA.

Carol Hermansen brings an extensive amount of leadership experience to the role of Provincial Director. Carol is the Vice-President of the Calgary Booster Club – liaising with Provincial sporting groups and awarding athletes, leaders and administrators for their achievements in sport.

Carol previously served for several years as the President of Alberta Rowing Association and the Calgary Rowing Club.

“I am so thrilled to work with RCA and the provincial leadership,” said Hermansen. “I am so familiar with many of the key stakeholders and I’m excited to continue to grow our sport.”

Carol is a graduate from the University of Calgary in Physical Education and Science.

“The RCA Board welcomes Carol in her new role as Provincial Director.  Her previous experiences and dedication to improving the rowing experience for all will be an asset to the Provincial Advisory Council (PAC).” – RCA President, Carol Purcer.


RCA Board Members meet in person approximately three times per year on weekends (typically Spring, Fall, and during the RCA National Conference in January) and at other times via conference call throughout the year.  Board Members can also serve as liaisons to RCA Committees and Working Groups and as such, provide leadership and guidance to these Committees on an ongoing basis. 

Directors and Officers must fulfill all requirements of the Canada Corporations Act (or its successor legislation, the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act) and the Canada Revenue Agency’s requirements for Board Members of Registered Charities.

For further information, please contact rca@rowingcanada.org