Coastal Rowing Becoming Increasingly Popular in Canada, Europe

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Photo Credit: Club Locarno

Coastal rowing is becoming increasingly popular in Canada.  Furthermore, with quiet whispers of it perhaps one day becoming an Olympic event, the sport is taking root in many parts of the world.

Coastal Rowing has already taken off in Europe and rowers are now beginning to discover it here in Canada. With a recent order of FISA standard coastal boats from France, more clubs in Canada are now seeing the benefits of these amazing boats, allowing rowing to happen in waters that once where considered un-rowable!

A recent regatta this past summer in Alma, Quebec provided evidence of the sports increased following.  A new report from the organizing committee of the regatta, Festirame, described the events increased popularity.

Alma, September 19, 2014 – This year's fourth edition of Festirame's Coastal Rowing Regatta has been another huge success, not only because of higher participation, but largely because of the great visibility it received within and outside of Québec and on the international scene.

This year, Festirame was happy to see a 35% increase in the number of participants, coming from 3 different provinces, with 95 seats registered compared to 61 in 2013. These results confirm the scope of this coastal rowing regatta is increasing. Moreover, this year's event was covered by regional, provincial, and international media outlets.

For the organizers, the most successful project to support the development and the marketing of the regatta, is without a doubt, the video produced by Inside Me Sports, which is headed by a talented Italian TV producer. The 14 minute bilingual video, showcases coastal rowing in action in the Saguenay-Lac St-Jean region as a beautiful destination worth discovering. The great atmosphere and the magnificence of the region are very well captured with breathtaking images.

Inside Me Sports has already broadcast their video on TV stations in Spain, Kuwait, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, Suede, Finland, Tanzania, Vietnam and Australia. Festirame is very proud of this video, which can be viewed at the following website:

Festirame now has access to wonderful images to promote the Coastal Rowing Regatta, which can be broadcast by Canadian TV stations.

Festirame invites you to share this video with as many people as possible so they can enjoy this unique sporting event.

For more information on Festirame, contact: Karine Desmeules, General Manager, Festirame Festivalma (418.720.1805).

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