Family & Fans

Photo by Mike Murray

Family & Friends

The members of the National Rowing Teams are grateful for all the support that they receive both during training and at regattas. When competing abroad it is inspiring to have the encouragement of Canadian rowing fans, also known as the die-hard "SUPPORT'OARS!"


If you have any questions about international regattas or need tickets, please contact Michelle Boss for information. 

Travel and Accommodation

We're pleased to introduce the Celebration Club, Rowing Canada Aviron's Official National Teams' Family & Friends Travel Supplier. The Celebration Club is dedicated to supporting you – our Rowing Canada Aviron VIP’s (Very Important Parents, Partners & Pals). Celebration Club's mission is to help make your travel experience gold-medal worthy. Their VIP packages, exclusive to Canadian family & friends, are created around the athlete(s) event schedule and your budget. Please enquire for more information by visiting, using the password: rowcanvip! 

Toll free 1.855.405.8382

A new guide for supporters that answers frequently asked questions can be found here:

Below are some other useful links:

  • - the international rowing federation, includes information on Junior, Under-23 and Senior World Championships.

  • - info on Canada's Olympic team. The COC funds the Olympic movement in Canada and administers the Olympic team.

  • - rowing news updated daily

  • - independent rowing publication based in the U.S.

  • Facebook group for Family and Friends considering traveling to international regattas in 2015.