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RCA Coach Education Database
Coach Developers and Provincial Rowing Associations can access coach education materials needed to run workshops and evaluations at this database. Coaches can access their own portfolios including marked assignments and correspondence with Coach Developers.

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Maintenance of Certification

The Coaching Association of Canada and Rowing Canada Aviron recognize the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in Professional Development programs which reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community.

In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities that coaches already participate in, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases coaches are already earning their required PD points -- Maintenance of Certification Status is simply the introduction of tracking these points and recognizing coaches for their efforts.

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Respect in Sport Training
As a part of RCA's commitment to the Responsible Coaching Movement, access to Respect in Sport training is now available here for PRAs and clubs. Coaches who take the online three hour training receive three NCCP Professional Development points. The cost is $30. If your club would like to pay for your coach registration, please contact Respect in Sport with any questions and set up a contract and pre-registration code. Either way you can have administrator access and view which coaches at your club completed the training. 

For information regarding this course, please contact Kylee Evans-O’Reilly.

More information on the Responsible Coaching Movement is available here. For information regarding RCA’s commitment to the Responsible Coaching Movement, please click here.

RCA Coach Pathways
With the aim of increasing the number and quality of certified coaches, the RCA Coach Education program is organized into pathways. The Learn to Row and RCA Coach Pathway are workshops that are delivered via the Provincial Rowing Associations, whereas the RCA Performance Coach and High Performance Coach are delivered via RCA. For more information, please visit RCA Coach Pathways.

To access the RCA Coach Pathways document, please click here.


RCA CAN ROW Coaches Handbook
The RCA CAN ROW Coaches Handbook was distributed to each Provincial Rowing Association for all Learn to Row and RCA Coach Workshops. This handbook has been designed, with input from experts in the Canadian rowing community, will provide each coach with additional knowledge to teach the essential skills to new rowers. This handbook supports RCA’s Athlete Development Pathway and focuses on the needs of new rowers in the Learn to Train, Train to Train and Competitive for Life stages. 

Please contact Colleen Miller or to receive your digital copy.

RCA Rowing Technique (Updated: February 2017)
This document outlines the basic components of the rowing stroke. Coaching the correct movement patterns of a rowing stroke is of importance, to not only those athletes taking their first strokes in a boat, but also to the rowers at the highest level of the sport. RCA updated this document to include references and photos of sculling where applicable. 

To access the RCA Rowing Technique document, please click here.

RCA CAN ROW Skills Event
This document works in collaboration with the CAN ROW Coaches Handbook. The Skills Event is intended for Learn to Train rowers, but can be for all abilities and ages to test their skills, both in practise and in the Skills Event. It provides the detailed information for rowers, coaches, umpires, evaluators and all regatta personnel to fully understand the set-up, scoring and operation of the Skills Event.

To access the RCA CAN ROW Skills Event, please click here.

RCA Athlete Development Pathway E-Learning Module 
This module will help you develop and refine your understanding of the RCA Athlete Development Pathway. If you would like to collect one NCCP Professional Development Credit for completing this module, you will need to pass a short quiz at the end. To begin the module, please click here.

Tips for Completing the Module:

  • Your responses will be saved as you complete the module. If you need to take a break from the module and close your browser, select “Yes” when asked if you would like to resume when you relaunch the module and you will be able to carry on where you left off. Note: This feature will only work if you use the same device and browser. If you are using a public computer, to prevent other users seeing your answers once you leave the computer relaunch the module and select “No” when asked if you want to resume where you left off. This will clear all your entries. 

  • To access the Athlete Development Pathway document referred to in the module you will need Adobe Reader, the most recent version of which you can download for free.

Take a sneak peek at the RCA Athlete Development Pathway. All registered coaches in the RCA web registration system will have access to the complete RCA Athlete Development Pathway. Please contact Colleen Miller or to receive your digital copy.

RCA Athlete Development Pathway - Overview

Become a Registered Coach

Please ensure you have an account in the RCA web registration system and are in the role of "coach" for your member club or association.

If you are an active coach at your club but are not registered in this system, please contact your Club Administrator and request that they add you as a registered coach.