Para-Rowing Club Excellence Program

RCA Announces a New Funding Opportunity!


Rowing Canada Para-Rowing Club Excellence Program:

Rowing Canada Aviron (RCA) is pleased to announce a new funding opportunity that will help foster the growth and development of PARA sport across the country.

The primary goal of the Para-Rowing Club Excellence Program is to provide incentives for schools, clubs, and universities to provide a well-rounded experience to rowers with disabilities. Over the longer term, the goal is to build a sustainable para-rowing system in Canada.

An advantage of hosting a para-rowing program or integrating para-rowing into able body programs is that the public and members are generally inspired by athletes with disabilities who compete. There is a perception that these people overcame something to do this. However, the biggest barrier to people with disabilities competing in sport is not their disability, but instead it is their access to quality sports programs. We wish to reward schools, clubs, or universities that provide these programs with recognition and funding.  

Your organization can be recognized as a Para Gold Club, Para Silver Club, Para Bronze Club, or Para Club by meeting several of the targets listed. By meeting these targets you will also be considered for funding. Clubs with the highest point totals will receive funding at the rates listed up to $5000 each. Please note that the number of clubs that receive such support is limited and is based on the total amount of available funds for this program.

To be eligible for the financial rewards through the Club Excellence Program, RCA Members (Schools, Clubs and Universities) must explain, in the application form provided, how they met or exceeded the targets listed in this document in 2015/16, and commit to running a para-rowing program in 2016/2017.

Other RCA Members who are launching programs in 2016/17 may be eligible for funding next year.

To download an application form for this program, please click on the following link:
RCA Para-Rowing Club Excellence Program Application 2015 - 16

The application deadline is March 7th, 2016 at 12 Noon PST. Please submit your completed application via email, fax, or mail, to:

John Wetzstein
Program Manager, Para Rowing
Rowing Canada Aviron | Fax. 250-220-2503
M: 604-364-6548  

Rowing Canada Aviron | Program Manager, Para Rowing
321-4371 Interurban Rd | Victoria, BC | V9E 2C5

Rowing Canada Para-Rowing Club Excellence Program - Recognition and Rewards System

In order to evaluate clubs/programs, we’ve broken down the athlete experience into four categories:

1.    ACCESS, how often people can train;
2.    RECRUITMENT, opportunities for new people to try/discover para-rowing;
3.    COMPETITION, opportunities to compete against others; and
4.    COACHING, instruction and rowing specific training support.

Para Club Status

Each category is broken down using Gold, Silver, and Bronze targets, each corresponding to points. Points are awarded for the top target achieved in each category. Clubs who achieve the following point totals will be designated Gold, Silver, and Bronze status:

Para Gold Club 17+ pts
Para Silver Club 12-16 pts
Para Bronze Club 5-11 pts
Para Club 0-4 pts

Each category of support creates opportunities for people to learn and challenge themselves to be better. We hope, that by striving to achieve the targets listed Rowing Canada clubs, schools, and universities are better able to support the development of athletes with disabilities.

Financial Rewards

Beyond Gold, Silver, and Bronze club status, schools, clubs and universities are rewarded financially using the rewards associated with each target. Rewards will be provided for the highest target achieved in each category.  

To be eligible for the financial rewards through the Club Excellence Program schools, clubs, and universities must explain, using the following pages, how they met or exceeded the targets listed in this document in 2015/16, and commit to running a para-rowing program in 2016/2017.

Financial support is subject to available funds. Priority will be given to those schools, clubs, or universities with the highest point totals.