Jennifer Walinga

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Dr. Jennifer Walinga, a professor and consultant based in Victoria BC, has enjoyed a successful and wide ranging career in sport and education. She began as a multi sport athlete and gradually focused on rowing under the fortunate tutelage of Carol Love.  A two-time Olympian in rowing, Walinga was a member of Canada’s Commonwealth (1986), World (1991), and Olympic champion fours and eights, and, in 2013, was inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame along with her extraordinary crew.

She has been an educator and consultant for 30 years in all areas of communication including digital communications, branding, organization and culture development, stakeholder engagement, and strategic planning. She earned her PhD in Organizational Studies from the University of Victoria, where she developed an award-winning problem-solving intervention called Integrated Focus and now consults to organizations from a variety of realms including health, sport, media, education, government, and private industries.

She holds a particular passion for the ideals of sport believing strongly in the Olympic values and the positive power of sport to transform and inspire communities. The experience she gained training and competing at an elite level forms the basis for her research and practice which includes cultural development in organizations, optimal human and team performance, women in leadership, and promoting values through sport. She is a mother of three and, along with her husband Craig White, is an active member of the athletic and educational communities in Victoria, BC.